666 Park Avenue Tv Show

666 Park Avenue is ABC’s latest TV drama series that promises to be another hit in the popular supernatural thriller genre. The series is based on Gabriella Pierce’s novel of the same name, and was adapted for TV by David Wilcox. The pilot was ordered by ABC in January 2012 and a full series was picked up thereafter in May 2012.

666 Park Avenue Tv Show - Plot

The plot for the 666 Park Avenue Tv Show revolves around events happening at the Drake residential building that has recently got new co-managers. Precisely, the drama follows a couple who move into Manhattan building and soon discover that the place they’ve recently moved into might not really be what it seems to be. The couple suspects that the building might be haunted by mysterious satanic forces acting on its occupants.

666 Park Avenue Tv Show is local and international show

The 666 Park Avenue TV show series premiered in the US on September 30, 2012 on ABC. The show’s Australia premier was last weekend October 1, 2012 on Fox8. ITV2 will air the show in the United Kingdom, while in Canada, it will be aired on Citytv in simulcast.

666 Park Ave Tv Show cast

The cast of the 666 Park Ave series is a lineup of some of TV’s top billed stars, including Vanessa Williams who plays Olivia Doran, the sophisticated wife of the building’s owner, Gavin Doran. Terry O’Quinn plays Gavin and is also the main antagonist of the drama series. Gavin’s chilling character is perfectly complemented by that of his coldly beautiful and complicated wife Olivia.

Other cast members include Dave Annable and Rachael Taylor as Henry Martin and Jane Van Veen respectively, the new co-managers of the building. Robert Buckley plays Brian Leonard, husband to a photographer called Louise, and the two are resident at the apartment building. The building’s doorman is Tony DeMeo, played by Erik Palladino. Other residents in the possessed building include Alexis Blume and Nona Clark, played by Helena Mattson and Samantha Logan respectively.

The building featured as 666 Park Ave is a real apartment block called ‘The Ansonia’, located in New York City’s Upper West Side.

According to a host of reviews, the 666 Park Avenue show promises to be a big hit, provided its creators maintain the momentum of the opening episodes. The show’s storyline and score are quite gripping and the chic characters deliver well above par – so far. There are unique dramas that form the focal point of the characters’ daily activities. Typical of supernatural thrillers like 666 Park Ave Tv Show, evil nuances pop up every now and then, creating suspense and anticipation – through a series of unresolved issues – of subsequent shows to come.

The audience can only stay tuned and hope to keep up with the adrenaline of unresolved dramas as the 666 Park Ave series unfolds.